SMB Antikviteter
SMB Antikviteter


In Norway we have a historical characteristic that differs from other countries in Europe, and it apply to our distinctive peasant culture.

In the 1700s and 1800s there were produced objects of a completely unique quality which are not found in any other place than in the Norwegian villages and valleys. This peasant culture and the development of objects both of use and purely art as well as decorative interiors are completely unique to the rest the world.

We in SMB presents some of the finest objects that come from this period in Norwegian history. In addition, we also present rare Norwegian glass of the largest glass manufacturers from the 1700s, Nøstetangen, Hurdal and Gjøvik.

We invite customers with a special interest to take contact for additional information and arrange an appointment at our showroom where we can present the most outstanding objects from this collection.